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Welcome To Our New Site - * EWT - Elite Wolf Team * Please Register and if your Already Registered Please Check The forums And Have Fun. *Update: We are Accepting Applications , Go to the Apply Section *Update: We Are on MW2 and CoD4 *Attention:: If you are inactive at the forums for more than 3 days we will send a email or private message , after that message is sent 2 days later if you still on the inactive list you may get your account deleted.

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PostSubject: Sikxrevenge   Sun 02 May 2010, 01:13

Name : Aaron Hanning

Xbox Live Name : Sikxrevenge

Age : 21

Country : USA

Do You Speak or Type a well Enlgish? Yes

Why would you like to Join EWT : Im looking for a clan that can hang in some TDM and Domination and stuff on xbox360. im very competitive and i want a group of gamers like minded when it comes to winning

What can you bring to the EWT Clan : Im a fun guy to chat with and im damn good at shooting pixels

Hobby : all i do is work chill with my girlfriend and play call of duty lol

Tell us more About you : i work for a restoration company and i just got a house with my girl. affraid
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PostSubject: Rules   Sun 06 Jun 2010, 16:52

you must play with the clan for 3 days before we accept you, Add me or HighViruz on Xbox Live, My GT is: DRO Decent.
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